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Co-Creating Nu


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Get curious and expansive. 

We're in the midst of a human evolution, and you're part of it.

Expand your impact by integrating an accelerated understanding of nu experiences. Move into higher frequencies of awareness to see and experience a new reality. 


Heart of New Earth (formerly Nu Sifagon) explores the diverse expressions, impacts, and history of Light Language and Light Codes. Some call the process ascension; I experience it as evolution - our evolution into expanding our capacity to be. Deepening our understanding of self. This site is just the beginning of a new way of our journeying. Scroll through the opportunities below for greater expansion of integrating your light. 



PODCAST: Return to Wonder

Start your journey with light language & codes via Return to  Wonder, where we explore nu ways of being by listening to the stories of practitioners from around the world who struggled, persevered and are now sharing their gifts with the world.  The episodes introduce you to light language and codes, provide insight to what you may be experiencing, and offer activations by guest speakers. 

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Photo by Flor Blake

Winter Scenery

Having a session with Junko allowed me to identify, resonate with, and rationalize my behaviors today and the source…caused by my limiting beliefs related to being successful, deserving of abundance and self love. As a female entrepreneur, I have more self confidence knowing that I am more than completely capable of achieving my dreams.

Tinia Pina, Founder & CEO,

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